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Release date:2019-08-19 10:47
Eighteen years of professional manufacturer focusing on PP fixtures and leather products for your high quality life

The company was founded in 2002, specialized production enterprises and individual daily production products. Our factory is located in Dongguan, one of the leading industrial cities in China. Our manufacturing plant covers a total area of more than 7,700 square meters, with more than 500 highly skilled employees, who have advanced plastic technology and equipment knowledge. Each product is designed by skilled professionals to meet the different needs of customers. Our products focus on collecting and trading card boxes, card sets, card albums, portfolio and deck organizers, cartoon bags, sleeve pages, card splitters, game mats and life counters.

Our History

1997: Hengwei Plastic Co., Ltd. was formally established.

2003: Factory relocation, mainly producing album interior pages.

2005: The company began buying machines, making game boxes and entering European and American markets.

2006: The company improved machinery and equipment and developed biodegradable materials.

2009: The company formally produces degradable plastic bags.

2010: The company name was changed from Henwei to Sengtor. It started making game card sets.

2015: The company purchased sheet metal machine and entered stationery manufacturing industry. (e.g. folders, notebooks, etc.)

2017: The company filed patent applications for special materials with a total output value of 70 million yuan.

2019: The company has successfully registered the "HENWEI" logo trademark and established the "Sengtor" brand.

Our Advantages

18 years of professional experience

With more than ten years of professional experience in the production of plastic products, strict quality

Management system, advanced equipment, strong technical force, deeply trusted by customers

Strong technical support company now has more than 290 employees, advanced machinery and equipment, the use of advanced plastic production management procedures. There are more than 290 employees, covering an area of 7500 square meters.

Superior quality

From material selection to production control details, we are proud to be able to provide customers with high quality and high-end products to meet their product value.

After-sale service

Our trained sales staff will respond to your inquiries within 12 hours and help you solve any product problems patiently and sincerely.
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