How will the future plastic packaging industry develop?

Release date:2019-08-27 14:45
The shape of the plastic packaging bag mainly includes: the cylinder type, the cuboid type, the cone type and various shapes, and the combination of the related shapes and the various forms of packaging forms formed by different cuts, which are visually guided by the consumer. A very important role, the strange visual form can leave a deep impression on consumers. The designer of the bag must be familiar with the characteristics of the form factor itself and its expression, and as a material for the beauty of the form. It uses the principles of aesthetics, through the changes in form, color and other factors, the packaging container with packaging function and beautiful appearance, visually expressed.

1, personalized

Technological advances have sparked a wave of personalization, and the Coca-Cola sharing bottle has brought global mainstream trends, proving that this idea is very successful. Other companies have experimented with interactive personalization, and customers can design their own favorite labels.

Personalized bags can increase sales, and surveys show that one in four Chinese consumers say they are more willing to buy personalized bags, and 61% of US customers say their perception of the brand comes from The individual design of the bag. Personalized bags can be designed according to specific markets. For example, different consumers can design different bags according to different geographical regions.

2, clean, clear label

Nowadays, many consumers pay great attention to product information. They need to know important information such as nutrients and functions when purchasing products, so that they can decide whether to buy products. Therefore, the labels of the bags must display these important information simply and clearly.

From a consumer perspective, simple and clear label information increases their trust in the product, and they want food manufacturers to communicate what they want to know through the label. According to the survey, 58% of customers check ingredient information, and more than three-quarters worry about using artificial preservatives.

Vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing can all appeal to consumers. Many manufacturers often put visual elements first when considering the elements that bags attract consumers. However, experts say that touch can best mobilize people's senses, and touch can make consumers more willing to pay higher prices. The method of increasing the sense of touch can use embossing, laser etching, etc. in printing, although this will increase the time and cost of packaging production, but these additional inputs will help the product to obtain additional value. These special effects on the bag can attract more attention from consumers.

3, intelligent

With the rise of mobile communication tools, some information can be communicated to consumers in a simple and intelligent way. Most consumers now carry smartphones when they buy products, and can get more information through Bluetooth and NFC. This new technology has attracted many consumers. Subsequently, NFC technology was introduced and printed on the label of the liquor bottle. The technology works by sending a signal over a short distance so that it can be wirelessly talked through the consumer's smartphone. With the development of the times, bags have become more and more intelligent and modern. The quality of the package itself is important, and good quality can retain the customer, but to have a good package to attract more new consumers, in order to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

When people step into the dazzling array of self-selected markets, they will be overwhelmed by a dazzling array of goods. Almost every piece of packaging is calling us to be the best. When we are not sure about the selected item, our eyes will subconsciously fall on some of the more vivid individuals. Produce a physical concern and gaze.
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