How to quote price and what matters needing attention in album design and poster design

Release date:2019-09-02 16:01
Everyone knows that the quotation for a VI design is very high, but the quotation is influenced by the following factors:

(1) The designer's understanding and guidance of the brand, the refinement and positioning of the selling point, the speaker is to make the brand attract the corresponding consumers through the visual style, and to sort out the core competitiveness of the brand;

Brand service experience. This good understanding, the service brand many also easier to understand the business and visual integration point;

(3) Designer's visual expression. That is the design level. Also included are some standardized practical considerations for logo graphics design (later on) (in particular, visual expressiveness in plane)

(4) The number of VI projects. The more VI projects are, the more expensive they are.

(5)Whether additional design of the main vision, such as illustrations, is needed. (Hand-painted illustrations are required on the basis of quotation plus more than 30%)

(6)The city where you live.

(7)The relationship with Party A. (Let the other party know the original price

The above factors will affect the price of a VI. If it is a designer, it is normal that a set of VI will take more than 7 days. Because of Party A's progress, VI can not be completed in one breath, so it is very normal to toss about half a month. On the basis of this time, you can calculate how much money you can accept.

In addition, if you want to try to take the road of brand, you can reduce the charge a little in the early stage, and get the opportunity and business communication with the customers of Party A will bring you great benefits. These experiences are very direct, because Party A knows business, you know design, business demands and design collision is very interesting.
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