How to make a personalized photo album

Release date:2019-09-03 18:14
Colorful-HENWEI-PU-12-Pocket-Album-For (2)
Gift package album gu name thought is used to give people, that only good album content is far from enough, but also pay attention to the packaging! The special setting of gift package mainly allows users to select the launch interface and cover functions of electronic album (as shown in figure 3). The title, cover background music, theme style and other Settings of gift package can also be set in the cover.

In the cover, we also allow you to customize your own url, which makes it easy for users who need to recommend their own website. What deserves our appreciation is the "heart to heart transfer" function of the cover, which allows the user to write some bless passages, these passages will scroll line by line, like the prologue of the movie, very practical! Through this series of humanized functions, to create a more personalized, more beautiful gift package digital album is possible, but also very easy and simple! (figure 4) finally, click the "start exporting" button in figure 3. At this point, digital master will start to package as EXE program.

A photo, music, special effects, cool lyrics and dynamic notes composed of beautiful, stylish, beautiful electronic album is created! Send it to your friends and family, they don't need to install digital master, they see, is what you see!

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