How to DIY the Album Box

Release date:2019-09-04 18:20
1. Prepare kraft cardboard. The paper should be thicker and the quantity should be determined according to your own needs. When the paper is ready, turn the edge of each sheet about 1 cm for sewing. (The color of cardboard is optional)

2. Sewing. This album is like sewing books. I choose six stitches. The more stitches I use, the tighter the album will be.

3. Sewing all the pages into a book. The effect of sewing the back of the book.

4. Make a cover. First cut the linen cloth into cardboard size, then wet and stretch the linen cloth, brush the linen cloth with a brush and paste it. Put the linen cloth on the cover card and press it with something until it is air-dried.

5. Cover effect. On the cover, you can write by yourself, or you can use a rubber stamp to print pictorial text on it.
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