How to Exact Explore Market Opportunities for Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

Release date:2019-09-05 16:36
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As the saying goes, a good beginning is half the battle. Positioning is to meet the needs of the market before competitors show your products, product functions, product concepts and brand values. Therefore, what firmly occupies people's minds is the so-called positioning. Scientific and accurate positioning means half the battle. Scientific and accurate positioning means standing out in the market, highlighting the surroundings, so positioning is an effective means for plastic bottle manufacturers to make breakthroughs.

The foundation and validity of positioning are based on scientific and accurate understanding of the market. Only when we have a scientific and accurate understanding of the market, can we effectively, effectively and successfully position the market. Only when we have a scientific and accurate understanding of the market, can we make positioning play an effective role in the market. Function, highlight surroundings, achieve breakthroughs, that is to say, the emergence of positioning power depends on the scientific and accurate understanding of the market. Scientific and accurate positioning can be said to have the same intangible assets and core competitiveness attributes as brand.

Market Awareness and Market Opportunities - If someone puts forward the concept of sports or leisure positioning, if the brand establishes the leading brand position of sports or leisure concept in the market, and the leading brand has already occupied a considerable market share in the market, in this case, other people do not join the leisure sports shoes market. It must be wise. If Nike and Adi are two brands in this market, it will be very difficult for Li Ning or Parker to make a breakthrough. In this market, the product style of plastic bottle shoemakers such as Li Ning and Parker is almost the same as that of Nike Adi. The marketing theme and concept also advocate the concept of sports and leisure positioning. In fact, this so-called positioning is equivalent to no positioning.

Market understanding and market opportunity analysis are mainly based on market attraction analysis or industrial structure analysis. Generally speaking, the market is defined as the place of exchange of goods. From the point of view of economics, the definition of market given by marketing guru Kotler is "the set of buyers and sellers who buy and sell a particular product or a certain kind of product". Although we can not say that there are any problems in the above broad definition of market, if we as a marketing person interpret, understand and reason according to the above general definition of market. Understanding the market is difficult to conduct scientific and accurate market analysis and market positioning. If we understand and understand the market according to the above definition of the market, it will be of no use to the first batch of people who enter the market.
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