Innovation of Plastic Bottle Packaging Products is the Way to Promote Profit

Release date:2019-09-10 09:46
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In the long-term contact with domestic plastic bottle manufacturers, we will feel that many business owners are reacting more and more to the rising of various things, such as labor, rental equipment of factory buildings, but the price of plastic bottles has not risen much because of the fierce competition in the market. The profits of manufacturers are getting lower and lower, and their living conditions are worrying.

For the plastic bottle manufacturers of these complaints, the author also has some experience. But the author thinks that with the development of domestic economy, the downstream demand of plastic bottle packaging is constantly increasing, and the market prospect is very promising. The problem of low profit of plastic bottle manufacturer lies more in the
plastic bottle enterprise itself.

plastic bottle manufacturers are generally small in scale, mainly based on orders, plastic bottle packaging products lack of innovation ability, it is difficult to have added value. In this way, a large number of plastic bottle manufacturers are fighting price war in the low and middle-end market, pressing down prices and reducing profits, making plastic bottle manufacturers generally fall into a survival dilemma, under such circumstances, there is no time, energy and funds to invest in the innovation of packaging products.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, in order to improve product profits and keep away from the harm of price war, we must strengthen product innovation and enhance competitiveness, which is the key.
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