How about the development prospects of plastic packaging bottles

Release date:2019-09-11 10:59
In the plastic industry of the world, the consumption of packaging industry is very large, generally accounting for 25-70% of the plastic demand. Take the United States as an example, packaging plastics account for 27% of the total consumption share, and plastic packaging in China can account for 25%.

Plastic packaging will also have many advantages, for example, plastic packaging bottles, the texture is very soft, and waste is very small, occupying relatively small space, so the cost is very efficient, so it is more competitive than hard packaging. The development direction of plastic materials is high performance and can reduce costs, but also play a very good role in environmental protection.

With the development of new plastic varieties and brands, the performance of packaging products can be reduced, and it can also play a very good role in environmental protection. This is also in line with the current requirements of the environment. Plastic bottles, for example, are now very environmentally friendly and can be recycled abnormally. It is very convenient, and the classification of waste materials is very clear and will not cause unnecessary waste. Therefore, plastic packaging bottles have a bright future in the future.
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