The largest daily plastic products market in Southwest China moved to Chengdu International Trade City!

Release date:2019-09-17 16:58
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Due to limited infrastructure and trading patterns, more than 800 daily-use plastic products operators in the lotus pond spontaneously search for new homes and will soon move to Chengdu International Trade City. Yesterday was the first day of registration for the daily use of plastic products merchants in the lotus pond business district in Chengdu International Trade City. More than 800 merchants actively consulted and resigned, which also marked the relocation and upgrading of the largest daily plastic products market in Southwest China. Started.

At 9:00 am, the registration points temporarily set up in the exhibition hall of Chengdu International Trade City have been crowded with people, and the merchants who have signed up have long queues. 

In order to prevent speculation, merchants are required to register in the new market after strict business registration and review procedures, based on the original business license in the lotus pond market and the original market lease contract. "We are taking the initiative. The old market conditions were poor. It is really unable to adapt to the new development of the business." Chen Song, a business household, has been doing business in the plastic products industry for 15 years in the lotus pond. His products have been sold to western China. In many provinces and cities, the annual turnover has increased by 20%.

Chen Song said that with the increasing supply of products, the space in the original market is far from sufficient, and the backwardness of the lotus pond market area makes him very anxious.

Like Chen Song, more than 800 merchants of daily-use plastic products in lotus ponds are facing a common situation of limited development, hoping to find new markets with better conditions.

Last month, several business household representatives collected opinions from many merchants and found Chengdu Hehuachi Individual Association, reflecting the desire to relocate new markets. After four inspections, it was finally decided to move to Chengdu International Trade City.

"According to the principle of Chengdu International Trade City's entry into the market, the original plastic products business was laid in the third phase of the market. Considering the urgent desire of the business owners, we decided to take out the special zone to allow them to transition into operations." Director of Chengdu International Trade City Zhu Wenrong said that the first and second phases of the daily necessities market are now full, and the third phase of the market is under construction. After receiving the situation reflected by the Chengdu Lotus Pond Individual Association, the market side urgently studied and decided to use the second floor of the market six blocks. Merchants accepting the daily plastics market, the temporary transition period is up to two years.

Chengdu International Trade City can accommodate more than 2,000 household plastic products market. It is the largest professional market for daily-use plastic products in Southwest China. After the relocation of lotus pond merchants, the market will open an online store for each of them to help businesses develop entities. The e-commerce market combined with the virtual market will also match the corresponding storage areas and logistics services for merchants around the market.
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