Pay attention to details and material problems in making plastic bags

Release date:2019-09-19 18:12
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In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the side effects of marine ecological environment, solid waste management and energy consumption. Converting it into paper bags or reusable bags will help protect the environment. For example, many reusable bags use biodegradable plastics and so on. But if you look at the whole life cycle, disposable plastic bags are more environmentally friendly than paper bags or recyclable plastic bags. Because although plastic bags may be biodegradable, the production of raw materials for the bags is energy-intensive. For example, in the process of producing paper bags, a lot of clean water is needed. According to a British survey, some reusable plastic bags need to be used more than 100 times as much as an abandoned plastic bag. Polyethylene bags should be used four times, polypropylene bags 11 times and cotton bags 131 times. However, it is impractical to expect reusable bags to be reused many times. Because of the risk of contamination, we are reluctant to use these bags after use. So-called biodegradation is also not "friendly". If buried anaerobically, there would be no biodegradation. Newspapers were still readable 50 years ago. So there is still a lot of room to use plastic bags. Attention to the importance of details of environmental protection plastic bags I do not know if you have noticed that there are brands of merchants will have their own unique logo design of plastic bags, every time you go shopping may need a plastic bag.

Material of
vest bag

A. Good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

B. It has moderate mechanical strength and good barrier performance.

C. Light weight, high transparency, soft and beautiful.

D. Chemical stability is very good. It has good corrosion resistance to chemical drugs such as acids and bases.

E. It has good printing performance and low price.

F, processability, good formability of container

What are the factors related to the life span of vest bags?

One: Risk. Since the National Plastic restriction order was promulgated, the use of vest bags has been reduced to some extent. Therefore, in the process of choosing vest bags, people prefer more environmentally friendly products, such products in the plastic market will tend to balance, only in this way will not break the balance of the original market. Only such products will not bear great risks, such enterprises will not be in danger of bankruptcy, so the balance of the market and economic development will not be replaced.

Second: Cost direction. At present, there are some irregular plastic bag manufacturers. In order to save expenditure, so the direction of investment will enter, it is no wonder that the selected are not advanced equipment, nor good raw materials, so such vest bags will inevitably not have a long life, will inevitably be affected. So the longevity of vest bags is closely related to the survival of factories, but in factories with wide sales, low investment, high quality and low risk, the survival of natural vest bags is longer, which can provide a large number of vest bags for consumers and friends. Even in everybody's life, this is a large expenditure. But people can't live without vest bags.

Third: Idea direction. In the concept of consumer friends for decades, they have been accustomed to using free vest bags. Once they need to collect money, they are often unacceptable. This kind of containment method can extend the life of vest bags, so that people do not choose to throw them away after buying their own products. In order to pay, so will cherish.
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