Spraying Method and Environmental Protection Performance of Plastic Shopping Bags

Release date:2019-09-21 14:30
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Environmental plastic bags have been quietly prevalent in our environment. They can live in harmony with each other. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection. Plastic bags have also been pushed out of date, and environmental protection plastic bags have become the mainstream of mass consumption.

Plastic shopping bags are made of resin as the main raw material. They are used for goods such as clothes in places of sale and service. They are also used for handbag products. The thickness of plastic shopping bags is more than 0.025 mm. Food that is directly in contact with plastic shopping bags must be authentic, and other plastic body shopping bags are usually natural or white or other colors; plastic shopping bags are not allowed to use defects such as bubbles, perforations, poor plastics, rigid eyes, etc., and should be single, flat and wrinkle-free; printed plastic bags should be uniform ink for shopping. Patterns, clear text, complete, accurate printing. The eye-catching logo for plastic shopping bags should not fade or fall off easily. Printing or spraying can be used, but the performance of plastic shopping bags should not be damaged. Each plastic shopping bag is usually a logo that can be added if necessary. The logo should be clearly placed in plastic shopping bags and directly connected. Touch food plastic food bags, uncomfortable itself or unable to identify plastic shopping bags, can be pasted on the outside packaging. Plastic shopping bags also clearly indicate the manufacturer's name. Ninety percent of the color of plastic bags is unqualified and cannot be used to pack food in black. A good way to buy food, such as delicious food or snacks, is to bring your own kitchen utensils or a standard plastic food bag. Purchase standard plastic food bags for shopping malls. The labels of packaging products in China are marked with factory names, site and performance standards. At the same time, frozen and frozen food in the refrigerator should also use plastic packaging or fresh-keeping bags, do not use ordinary plastic bags instead.

Ninety percent of
plastic bags are not up to standard and cannot be used to pack food in black. A good way to buy food, such as cooked food or snacks, is to bring your own cutlery or standard plastic food bags. Purchasing standard plastic food bags is just the sign of our country on the product packaging bags, indicating the name of the factory, website and implementation standards. At the same time, refrigerated and frozen food should also be packaged in plastic or fresh water bags in refrigerators, instead of ordinary plastic bags.

In daily life, people often deal with plastic bags, but the market is made of polyethylene packaging food plastic bags, which is non-toxic, some PVC plastic bags are toxic, not for installing food.

Generally harmless plastic bags are milky white, transparent or colorless, transparent, flexible, with a feeling of lubrication, the surface seems waxy, flammable flame, fire can continue to burn, no taste.

Method for identifying non-toxic
plastic bags: Hand-touch color detection method: non-toxic white or colorless transparent, hand lubrication, waxy surface, toxic shade or yellow, red, black, sticky feel. Shake detection method: Understand the hard and non-toxic sound of plastic bag shaking; Fire detection method: non-toxic and flammable, flame tip is yellow, local cyan, like candles burning, dripping water, paraffin taste, toxic and non-flammable fire, flame tip is yellow, bottom is green, emollient can be drawn into filaments. 。

Plastic instant bags are the bags we use more in our life. The use of plastic instant bags greatly facilitates our life. For the manufacturers of plastic instant bags, we should pay more attention to the environmental protection and performance of plastic instant bags.

From the perspective of plastic bag manufacturing, the cost of ordinary roll bag is far lower than that of food. First, raw materials are much cheaper. Secondly, food type continuous tape must be printed with QS marker. Adding printing links increases the cost of plastic bag production. The production of continuous bags is very simple. Many home workshops have added several sealing and cutting machines. They often deal with it for many years, and the supply exceeds the demand. This type of PE-based continuous bag usually contains more than 5% oxalic acid. Direct contact with food.

Although supermarket shopping bags are provided free of charge, we should also choose suitable plastic bags for different goods, especially delicatessen. We must choose food bags. For other commodities, plastic vest bags can be used reasonably, although only a few cents, but if it can be reused, it is worth it.

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