The Special Function of Shopping Bags

Release date:2019-09-24 16:12
As a form of packaging, shopping bags have the general function and value of commodity packaging. Shopping bags have the general characteristics of protection, promotion psychology, commodity, convenience, sociality and communication, besides, they also have their own unique role and value.

Secondary protection of commodities. The protective nature of packaging is reflected in the intact condition of the products delivered by suppliers to consumers. From the point of view of practical use, the protective nature of shopping bags is the supplement and extension of the protective nature of commodity packaging, which is different from the protective nature of commodity packaging. It is one of the main functions of shopping bags to help customers carry and transport after purchasing goods. It not only protects commodities, but also protects the packaging of commodities to a certain extent. Therefore, shopping bags are the protection of commodity packaging and the secondary protection of commodities. Nowadays, when people buy goods or more than a few kinds of goods, they almost use shopping bags. The protection of shopping bags has become indispensable. Re-aggregation of commodity packaging. Shopping bags have greatly improved consumers'ability to buy as many goods as possible. The packaging of these goods is aggregated by shopping bags, so that their packaging function, especially the protective effect, forms a collective effect. For supermarkets, shopping bags help them put the same label on all the goods they sell.

Promotion in sports. As a "silent salesman", the packaging of goods quickly attracts consumers'attention in a wide variety of displays, and strengthens consumers' visual impression of products. At the same time, independent consumption increases the degree of competition of goods through visual means. People's judgment on the choice of commodities depends more and more on the visual image of commodities. While improving the quality and quality of products, appearance becomes more and more important. In addition to the general role of commodity packaging in promoting sales, shopping bags also have their unique characteristics which are different from commodity packaging. The promotional nature of shopping bags is mainly embodied in the process of people carrying and moving, not on the shelves, but in any place outside the mall, where consumers help enterprises spread. When shopping bags are taken out of shopping malls, the image and information of enterprises are exposed to the eyes of people on the road. At this point, it is different from the ordinary packaging of goods, that is, the way of promotion and the place of promotion are different.

It has a unique commodity character. Shopping bags themselves are also commodities, so that products become commodities at the same time, the design of exquisite shopping bags, their own use and artistry, can become commodity sales. Shopping bags provide convenience for people, while producing beautiful shopping bags, condensation in which no difference in human labor, to meet people's spiritual needs, bringing the commodity of shopping bags. By adding commodities, the value of shopping bags can be increased, so as to reduce the waste of shopping bags and reduce the environmental pollution of shopping bags.

Convenience of reuse. The use of shopping bags has provided convenience for people to bring goods from the market to their homes, which is convenient for people to carry to other places. The shopping bags made of plastic have light weight, high strength, excellent electrical insulation, precious properties, excellent chemical stability and good friction resistance, but they pollute the environment seriously. Repeated use is an important manifestation of the convenience of shopping bags. Excellent plastic shopping bags have a high secondary utilization rate in modern home life. Almost all families have reused shopping bags. Such reuse can improve the visibility of shopping bags in people's lives, even become people's daily necessities, and spread the promotional role of commodities or shopping malls widely and continuously.

Lead the public to appreciate beauty. Shopping bags are the form of packaging, which also conforms to the social significance of packaging, that is, "to a certain extent, they should conform to the background of social aesthetic interest, guide consumers to belong to the mainstream of social ethics, on the other hand, they can also play a guiding role in social aesthetic consumption." Shopping bags can convey the aesthetic feeling of goods, and beautifully designed shopping bags can lead the public's aesthetic interest.

Extension of Enterprise Vl.
Shopping bag is one of the visual symbols of an enterprise to a large extent, which is a part of V1 system of an enterprise. It is an extension of visual image standardization of an enterprise. The communication of shopping bag can help an enterprise extend its visual image and concept outside the shopping mall. Enterprises need to establish a good communication with customers, and the large use of shopping bags has provided a platform for such communication. In some large supermarkets, a large number of shopping bags with their company image are distributed everyday. A large number of shopping bags flow to people's daily life. They are strengthening people's awareness of the enterprise all the time. Therefore, the transmission of shopping bags has a considerable depth and breadth.
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