Characteristic and Visual Design of Environment-friendly Shopping Bags

Release date:2019-09-26 11:17
1. Environmental shopping bags
shopping bags are one of the packaging forms of commodities, which have some attributes of packaging. If packaging is divided into different categories, shopping bags are the next branch. This blood relationship between shopping bags and packaging is the basis and source of our definition of shopping bags. As for packaging design, the American Packaging Society first gave a more authoritative definition: to meet the needs of products, according to better cost, to facilitate the delivery, circulation, trading, storage and sale of goods and the implementation of the overall system of preparation. The definition of packaging in China is basically consistent with that of the American Packaging Society. From this, we can see that bags, like other ways, are packages of suburban goods, and shopping bags should be within the scope of bag packaging.

2. The Characteristics of Environmental Shopping Bags

From the material division, shopping bags can be divided into four categories. The materials for making shopping bags that can be seen in the market are generally paper, plastic, cloth and composite materials. Therefore, shopping bags can be roughly divided into paper shopping bags, plastic shopping bags, cloth shopping bags, and shopping bags made of composite materials or special materials. Paper and plastic shopping bags are the most common and popular items in our daily life. From presentation, shopping bags can be divided into free shopping bags and commercial shopping bags. Free shopping bags are the most common shopping bags. The market distributes a large number of free shopping bags every day. It also includes shopping bags with business information printed at symbolic charges or very cheap prices. Commodity shopping bags have a very small proportion in the market, not to mention their popularity. Their scope includes those shopping bags with exquisite design, fashion and no trace of commodity promotion. They can also be called handbags, because they are very similar in structure and function to shopping bags, so this paper divides them into commodity shopping. Bag. From the point of view of price comparison, the price of commodity shopping bags is relatively high. The main selling point is the appearance design. To a certain extent, people are paying for the design and satisfying the aesthetic needs.

3. Visual Design of Supermarket Environment-friendly Shopping Bags

As stated earlier, shopping bags have the property of packaging. Shopping bags design is also a kind of packaging design. At the same time, it is also a form of advertising and a part of the corporate image recognition system. The uniqueness of this dual attribute not only facilitates people's life, but also meets the needs of enterprises. Therefore, under the general concept of packaging, commercial shopping bags refer to various kinds of goods that are distributed to customers, consumers or related persons in large quantities by means of gifts or symbolic charges, for carrying goods or as souvenirs, and printed with obvious commercial and organizational information, especially after the purchase of goods or after the end of the purchase. Paper bags, plastic bags and bag-shaped handbags made of special materials. In today's consumer society, a wide range of goods can easily arouse consumers'desire to buy, but commercial shopping bags can make people carry more goods, thus promoting consumption, but also make the transportation of goods more convenient. With the maturity of commodity economy, commodities have changed essentially. They are no longer the physical level of quantity and quality, but the cultural industry. Commercial shopping bags are no longer a single means of transportation and simple information transmission, but the embodiment of corporate culture and commodity culture.
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