Individual characteristics and differences of supermarket environmental shopping bags

Release date:2019-09-26 11:19
Worldwide, different regions, nationalities and historical backgrounds often create different customs, cultures and economic environments, thus forming different natural and social conditions, and producing different languages, habits, morals, thinking, values and aesthetics. These characteristics are directly or indirectly embodied in the visual communication design of supermarket environmental shopping bags. For example, German design is generally recognized as rational, rigorous and scientific speculation; Japanese design dares to innovate, innovative and smart, light and exquisite, and full of human feelings; Italian design is elegant and romantic; while Chinese design is smooth, profound in meaning, pursuing formal integrity and symmetry. Sex. These characteristics are born in different regions and cultural atmosphere, and also reflect the psychological characteristics and social consciousness produced in different space-time environments. The individuality theory research of visual design of supermarket environmental shopping bags is based on its general theory, and explores the particularity principle of visual design in the universal principle. In order to have a comprehensive grasp of the design concept of supermarket environmental shopping bags, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the theory of generality and individuality, which is a dialectical visual design concept. The individuality theory in the visual design of supermarket shopping bags is mainly reflected in the differences in design.

1. Regional differences
Regional differences are the source of potential factors for forming the personality of visual design of supermarket environmental shopping bags. They are mainly the regional characteristics and regional information formed by different spatial relationships. From the point of view of geography, region mainly refers to the whole unit composed of geomorphology, climate, hydrology, vegetation, animals and soil because of similar or similar geographical location. This composition is not a simple collection, but through the movement and energy exchange of surface materials such as atmospheric cycle, water cycle, biological cycle and address cycle, it has a close relationship and interaction with each other, thus forming a special and indivisible natural complex on the surface. Our world is an entirety of isolated environments made up of countless regions. Regional differentiation is a very common natural geographical phenomenon. It shows the law of differentiation of dimension zonality, longitude zonality and vertical zonality. These differences result in the differences of natural environment such as humidity, temperature and precipitation among regions, thus forming the differences of ecological environment and human and social concepts. This regional difference is reflected in the visual design of supermarket environmental shopping bags, which is the difference of lifestyle, thinking habits and aesthetic concepts.

2. Ethnic differences
Human existence has the same characteristics with other organisms, that is, it depends on the natural environment; but human beings are different from ordinary organisms. Human beings not only have the need of material life, but also have the need of unique spiritual life. Therefore, human beings are the spirits of all living things. In the process of human survival and development, on the one hand, we must ask for living materials from nature; on the other hand, human activities must be based on a certain geographical environment. The difference of regional environment divides the space of human existence into relative groups, each group has its relative space and time to define, and people exist and develop in different space and time. Social practice, production practice and dealing with the relationship between man and nature have become the main activities of human beings in a certain space. Different natural environments make people living in this environment have to choose the corresponding way of life, different ways of life form different nationalities, and national differences are the different characteristics of material and spiritual civilization created by different groups of human beings. In the visual design of environmental shopping bags in supermarkets, the design concept must fully take into account the differences in ideas formed by different ethnic structures.

3. Cultural differences
Culture is the sum of human social life and behavior. Different cultures have different values. People in different ethnic areas tend to regard their own culture as supreme and reject the cultural traditions of other ethnic groups. The way of thinking with prejudice and persistence in the national cultural outlook forms the conflict of ideas among different cultural holders, thus forming the differences of values and aesthetics. This is an inevitable cultural phenomenon. Therefore, in the visual design of environmental shopping bags in supermarkets, it is also an unavoidable important issue. Recognizing cultural differences and communicating with respect and understanding in the design are the attitudes that designers should hold.
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