Why do we say that automotive metal materials will be eliminated by plastic materials?

Release date:2019-09-30 10:20
How to reduce costs and increase profits for automobile enterprises will determine the vitality of enterprises. With the upgrading of technology, the performance of plastics is constantly improving, and the number of cases of replacing metal with plastics is increasing. Why are metal materials eliminated by plastic materials? Next we will come together.

Firstly, according to the latest requirements of China's automobile fuel consumption, the average annual decline of fuel consumption of automobile enterprises needs to reach about 8%. In order to achieve this standard, besides developing new energy, automobile enterprises are also making continuous breakthroughs in vehicle lightweight. Data show that for every 10% reduction in vehicle weight, fuel can be saved by 6% - 8%. Nowadays, more and more plastics are used in various parts of automobiles. According to the actual results, the weight of automobiles is reduced by about 15%, and the field of application is very rich.

Secondly, there are many disadvantages of metal materials, such as it is difficult to repair and restore after the car accident, the impact force is relatively large when the accident happens, the impact of the vehicle is more intense, and the pedestrian injury is relatively large when the car and pedestrian accidents occur, and so on. The latest automotive plastic materials have comparable mechanical properties with some metals. They have good corrosion resistance, strong abrasion resistance, high strength, good rigidity, strong cushioning and absorption, and are easier to repair.

And the plasticity of plastic materials is stronger than that of metal to increase the design freedom. Nowadays more and more automobile companies pay attention to the safety design of appearance. In the aspect of appearance design, plastic materials are easier to design some shapes to protect pedestrians and drivers, and play a role of safety protection.

Finally, plastic materials have inherent advantages over metal materials in sound absorption and shock absorption, making the use of products more quiet and comfortable.

The newly developed plastic material has been completely comparable with steel and other metal materials, and is a good replacement product for construction machinery. And it has received almost positive feedback from automobile manufacturers from all parts of the world. Fukuoka Electronics asserts that a new round of changes in the application of automotive materials is imminent.
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