After reading, you will know how to distinguish plastic from plastic.

Release date:2019-09-30 10:30
Plastics and plastics are only one word apart. In fact, there is no clear distinction between them. They are like twin brothers. I have you, you have me.

Plastic is not a pure substance. It is made of many materials. Among them, macromolecule polymers (macromolecule polymers, also known as resins, natural resins and synthetic resins) are the main components of plastics. In addition, according to their different processing behavior, various auxiliary materials such as fillers, antistatic agents, plasticizers, hardeners, lubricants, antioxidants, stabilizers, etc. should be added to the polymers. Colorants, etc. So the so-called plastics, in fact, it is a synthetic resin which has been manually improved by chemical means.

Definition of plastics: refers to synthetic resins with high molecular weight as the main component, with appropriate additives, the main components of which are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements. With plasticity and fluidity, the material can be molded into a certain shape and keep its shape unchanged under certain conditions.

Although it is easy to confuse plastics and plastics literally, it can be found that the main components of plastics and plastics are also resins through the composition of materials, but the terms are different.
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