What's the problem of air bubbles in the gluing of folding cartons?

Release date:2019-10-10 15:19
When gluing, there is a little use parameter. There are some differences in the temperature controller of the melt system between the machinery and equipment manufactured by different manufacturers. Some customers can work at 130 degrees. Some customers can only work at 150 degrees. This is the difference of heating and melting used by the equipment manufacturer in the spraying system. Naturally, the temperature is different. The temperature ranges from 130 to 150 degrees and the rubber gun from 160 to 175 degrees. It can be adjusted according to customers'requirements. The problem of intermittent glue tapping is caused by customers'eagerness to produce. It is suggested that the preheated glue should be used for 30 minutes before the glue is fully melted. The design temperature is 150 degrees and 30 kinds of glue can be used only after the glue is completely melted. After 30 minutes, adjust the temperature of the cylinder to 125-150 and start production.

How come some of the PET cartridges have bubble problems when they are glued with glue?

Such problems generally arise in several aspects of operation. Firstly, the use of glue with high temperature (abbreviated as cooker porridge type) makes the glue bubble at high temperature for a long time. Second, do not continue to produce the remaining glue which can stick 500 boxes, or the air in the cylinder will bubble when it is not clean. Thirdly, when the glue on the cartridge is finished from the machine outlet, the product bubbles will also occur when the film can not be overlapped together in time. There is also the last link is also the most important is when the cartridge can not be pressed in a flat situation will cause serious bubbles, it is recommended that the best effect of pressing from top to bottom,
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