CAD technology for environmentally friendly plastic boxes and color plastic boxes

Release date:2019-10-12 10:46
The introduction of environmentally friendly plastic box manufacturers, the more popular carton structure CAD software on the international market, in addition to the basic functions of commonly used interactive graphics software (high quality, rapid completion of graphics generation, editing, correction, dimensioning, etc.) You should also be satisfied with the special requirements of the carton design. It is convenient to call the cassette graphic library and select a satisfactory box structure. After inputting the box size (length, width, height) and the thickness of the cardboard, the frame structure can be displayed or printed immediately. , automatic discharging, and output of the die-cutting and discharging plan, the printed outline drawing and the backing (bottom mold) processing drawing; 

After the user designs or calls the required frame structure diagram, as long as the cardboard size and discharge gap are input, the material can be discharged and compared with different discharge schemes, and the optimized die-cutting discharge map and related parameters (such as discharge materials) can be displayed. Number, cardboard utilization, etc.). 

In addition to selecting the scale box type and changing the shape of the carton, it is also possible to design a special box type, a rotating carton plan, and a display carton opening and closing process; for different cutting edges, creasing lines and slotted broken parts, it should be selected. The corresponding line type improves the machining accuracy of the die-cut and backing plates and the manufacturing accuracy of the carton by controlling the manufacture of carton samples, die-cut plates, bottom molds (backing) plates and die-cutting tools. 

Environmentally friendly
plastic box printing technology 

The introduction of environmentally friendly plastic box manufacturers, in the field of paper packaging and printing, lithographic offset printing, letterpress flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, a variety of printing coexist, each with its own characteristics. In the single-sheet printing, most of them adopt the offset printing method, and also apply the flat-pressing screen printing and the single-sheet gravure printing method; in the web printing, most of them adopt the gravure and flexographic printing methods, and also adopt the offset printing and silk printing. In the web printing method, there are also several combined printing methods simultaneously in one printing production line. The color of the carton is generally between 2-8 colors, of which 4-6 colors are the most applied.

The folding carton of the environmentally-friendly
plastic box, especially the medicine box, uses more spot colors, so the number of printing color groups is mostly 6-8 colors. Sheet-fed offset presses typically have a color palette of 4 colors and no more than 5-6 colors on the base, while multi-color web presses (including gravure, flexo and screen printing) are rapidly increasing. The number of printing color groups has reached 8-10 colors
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