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Please contact Customer Service for further technical information about Sengtor. Product technical information is a document that provides key definition information about a product, which can include the manufacturer's logo; rules, bans, and standard lists that are applied to the project; design specifications and product images that illustrate the product and pay attention to distinguishing features. By documenting the product and its characteristics, the information can be a useful screening tool for identifying when a pre-production product is different from a product on a store shelf, indicating the likelihood of material or design changes, and potential non-compliant products. Through the use of our product technical information, you will gain visibility into our supply chain and be confident with our products.

Among many competitors, Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd has a strong competitive edge in manufacturing board game playmat and has been widely recognized by the world. Sengtor Plastics Products's card binder series include multiple types. HENWEI playing card sleeves meets the specification. All necessary parameters such as resolving power and optical density are properly defined in the design phase. Made of durable polypropylene materials, it has an excellent electrical insulating property. The product has good anti-electromagnetic interference. It is designed with special electromagnetic interference suppression components to reduce electromagnetic wave. The product generates no odor at all.

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