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Are there services after cheap gaming mats installation?
Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd renders different services after gaming mat is installed correctly. Once customers have some problems in operating and debugging, our dedicated engineers who are proficient in product structure can help you through email or phone. We will also attach a video or instruction manual in the email providing direct guidance. If customers do not satisfy with our installed product, they can contact our after-sales service staff to ask for a refund or product return. Our sales personnel are dedicated to bringing you a unique experience.

Sengtor Plastics Products gains a firm foothold in the market relying on the ability in R&D and manufacturing card holder binder. Sengtor Plastics Products's Mask series include multiple types. In HENWEI 9 pocket card binder manufacturing, we use mechanical joining and connection technology. We also use injection molding with fully and partially automated processes, as well as manual processes. It has the advantages of precise sewing, flat stitches, and consistent spacing. People do not have to worry that shampoos, vinegar, hair dye, or other liquids will affect its functions or make it fade. With a fashionable design and perfect color matching, it has a beautiful and attractive appearance.

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