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Card game pad in WeChat public issue of why gift faction can horse draw?

by:HENWEI     2020-08-03
WeChat how hot here, no longer believe that everybody knows WeChat aura of QQ, it exists to tencent, the future is full of imagination. WeChat public number three years ago, three years later it for more than 10 million, the number of each WeChat users are keen to read the information on the WeChat. At the same time, all kinds of businesses are scrambling to join WeChat public camp for self marketing and fan operation. WeChat public number when propagated content tend to feedback fans certain benefits, if such account is mall will be integral or partial physical gifts, etc. , but the study found that by far the most common WeChat forwarding number public welfare is the card game pad, what is the reason?

maybe, this is a transition

in WeChat public long self growth and exploration, found that the easiest way to impress and acquire the method of fan in addition to constantly provide high quality content, and let the followers to help forward share content, how to make fans happy or * * * * play its power to help you share the content, it will be a problem, but the ultimate solution to this problem is to give fans forward certain benefits.

the benefits from the initial WeChat Lucky Money development to in kind for the mainstream way of giving, WeChat Lucky Money what of, may provide a lot of not playing WeChat pay friends feelings are virtual, even WeChat experienced users will scoff at it because it's too common. And WeChat from tangible media gift, pad is the most common in a game of CARDS.

card game mat qr code marketing charm

# WeChat public marketing environment from the media is ready to use card game pad, the reason is not only lies in the card game pad cost is low, the most let WeChat public, the media is more about a card game pad marketing communication ability, a game of CARDS for a WeChat fan after may lead to a group of new fans, because can in a game of CARDS printed MATS qr code, users can quickly scan the attention, qr code of marketing in the most common but the offline, as a teacher of drinks and a good C which no qr code on the bottle, even have a qr code on restaurant menus, visible how hot qr code. Send card game pad can sustain and the relationship between the fans, and to spread dozen let users to help you out, why not let the WeChat YiShiDuoNiao way which the media are heartache?

with the user day long living feeling usage scenario

with the popularity of WeChat, very well, and so did the habit of Internet users use the qr code, qr code has become important bridge of mobile Internet users and enterprises to establish relations, has the irreplaceable position. According to solitaire card game pad pad manufacturers design department said: 'more and more customers tend to be in a game of CARDS printed MATS qr code, the proportion is more and more obvious in these years of growth, a game of CARDS rubber pad manufacturer of * * * * the design of thermal transfer technology to ensure the card game pad colorful real, scanning the qr code to ensure the customer can effectively. 'that's true, the application of qr code is ubiquitous, and to attract users scan, in addition to itself has the creativity, is more important to its application scenarios, card game pad is inherently distinctive and * * * * application scenario is in front of the computer and user' together, love will come in time ', this advantage is obvious.

card game pad is not WeChat simply forwarding benefits to users, since the media card game pad for WeChat since the media more significance lies in its subsequent marketing ability, it helps WeChat combined from online media, from a single way of online for fans to offline, it is always let WeChat from media people relish.

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