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Card game pad into the real estate industry marketing new weapons

by:HENWEI     2020-08-05
Why the real estate industry to do promotion by card game pad? Card game pad cost is low, in a game of CARDS printed MATS of display time is long, and the card game pad are not so easy to user to leaflets discarded, Evergrande real estate, real estate industry such as sen yue center in almighty made a lot of card game pad, as the main approach to promote offline, can also coordinate the activities of.
the card game pad of activities held by some real estate developers' AD rat on you, the main private tailored to hold this activity, not only cheaper, but also more interactions with customers. Private ordering, appear how tall!

a card game pad could you sell a suite, this case is not the first column. A salesperson in the sen yue center property increased use of card game pad for its millions of results. More than a piece of card game pad, may be more than a chance to clinch a deal, Mr Yue center property that's devotion to the mouse is very worth it.

similarly, Evergrande property the national each big buildings are almighty customized card game pad, high recognition of the marketing effect of card game pad. Real estate industry custom-made card game pad can be distributed to local community residents, can extend to the local office building, all in all, where is the customer, can be sent to where, the effect of such delivery will be better. With some representative real estate companies use card game pad, add the card game pad itself there is good effect, the domestic real estate companies large and small are custom make your own card game pad.
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