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Card game pad rubbish, 'baidu' by consumer complaints again

by:HENWEI     2020-08-09
Today's sina blog attract everyone's attention and debate. A repeat customer complaints of the 'baidu, back again today. 。 。 。 。 。 》

( The original content reproduced as follows:)

in baidu news today, want to have a look at 'card game pad industry news, when entering the search term' card game pad, the results really meng force!

baidu, the blame you are back. You made us consumers what about me?

baidu, you are like a teacher in our life, or the answers, 'don't know, look for baidu. But, search is the result come out, let us how you receive it? Have you thought about our feelings? The era of the Internet we pay attention to experience, I don't know what kind of mentality, publishers are in from the point of view, this is not a special rational way of promotion, however, baidu, you as an industry leader, such problems in your platform, is really to blame! Before and I found that more than a dozen pages are the same kind of results, a snapshot of time from the beginning of the 20th, there are several days, it is hard to understand! ! !

hope to give you a real response to baidu! thank you

【 Small make up:) Baidu also enough busy, meet these spam, world. Do network promotion, however, must not get rich quick, but this is only for the enterprise's future, no advantage. Now do, of course, the promotion of the Internet is difficult, but the exposure of such products, and not very respect customer, customer experience is very bad. Small make up do network promotion card game pad manufacturer for eight years, although not perfect, but for a long time, we clearly realize that Internet is a tool, the product is true, if the quality of your card game pad no, say again much, exposure, more is useless, therefore, suggest or feet on the ground, with a originality, can only be winner!
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