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Does Sengtor Plastics Products make delivery on time?
Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd promises on-time delivery. Meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements - orders should arrive on time - is our priority. We plan and organize production according to the deadline of customers and use advanced production method to ensure each production process runs as scheduled. And we partner with leading logistics providers who are professional and experienced in handling the cross-border delivery in a safe and prompt manner. Timely delivery is a principle of our service. Customer satisfaction is our mission. We promise “On-time Delivery” to customers and do it exactly.

Being one of the leaders in the domestic market, Sengtor Plastics Products is known for excellence in manufacturing quality board game playmat. Sengtor Plastics Products's custom playmat series include multiple types. The product always operates stably due to high precision electric components. Its electric boards, conductor, and resistor are fabricated to withstand vibration and impact. Made of high-quality PP materials, it is not easy to deform under compression. People do not have to worry about hygiene problems. It will not cause any disease that is caused by bacteria or fungal. It is characterized by superior abrasion resistance.

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