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How to determine your card game pad size?

by:HENWEI     2020-08-02
Card game pad you will often use, so do you think the size of the how to do for you? You may doubt 'card game pad can go, how to choose size? 'but few know how old do card game pad size appropriate? When the choose and buy and choose according to what size? In order to help you more convenient in the use of card game pad, card game pad rubber manufacturer today everybody together to talk about how old do card game pad size right!

the size of the card game pad on the market commonly used have 'long 200 mm wide, 180 mm, 260 mm wide and 210 mm long, 250 mm wide and 200 mm long, 300 mm to 250 mm wide and long' many friends card game pad when the choose and buy, rarely pay attention to size, pay more attention to is the card game pad material and the effect of photosensitive positioning. So the size is not really important? The be fond of playing with friends, must know card game pad size is very important, too small for the operation, such as be fond of playing the CF's friends know, CF has a special card game pad, can bring good control and speed, is a good assistant of fan.

in the choice of study and work using the card game pad, don't need to hold the terms of the fan selection, choose the size should be according to the size of the size of the computer desk and computer monitors, choose the size of the general specifications, of course, there are a lot of people like big size of the card game pad. General use can choose standard size, if you want to hold control and speed, can choose the brand card game pad, so the size of the brand has its own unique standards, can buy according to their actual usage is reasonable.

for the use of different environment and decide the size of the card game pad. Chosen the right size, the mouse can be used with more smooth, more controlled, and chosen the wrong size, the mouse is not convenient to use and how to determine that your card game pad size, what size of choose and buy card game pad is appropriate? Should be used according to different circumstances and conditions of use, reasonable choose and buy.

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