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How to use the card game pad for promotion

by:HENWEI     2020-07-23
How to use the card game pad to

promotion, many companies are doing have a success, failure, half-dead. Investigate its reason is in the right way,, methods to find the right path, right way, jams everywhere. The method that how to choose a promotion? The almighty rubber discussed one by one to you: industry, promotion methods are different, that is we were specific. For example: real estate main promotion method is given priority to with TV, outdoor, newspapers, radio, flyers is complementary. Effect is little, but the cost is very expensive, input and output is not consistent. Flow that will effect company how to use the least cost? 'card game pad can solve the problem for you. A small 'card game pad' how to solve? Then we make sure the target customer of real estate:

1, investment crowd: have a certain amount of liquidity and the lack of investment projects, investors can be divided into short-term investments and long-term investment, usually the former investment houses, earn price difference by short-term housing price fluctuations; The latter more investment in commercial or office, in the form of rental profits;

2, couples to a crowd: the couple work time is limited, savings, housing price is more attention; Functional to the attention of a new marriage room should be more predictable; Within the community and the surrounding environment, form a complete set of requirements are relatively high.

3, single crowd: more than single people for the work of young people in the near future. They don't have much savings, but eager to room again, should take step consumption patterns, along with the change of the growth of personal income, jobs, and marry and have children in the future, and timely transfer of housing.

4, demolition families crowd: demolition family generally live in the original housing area for a long time, where life is far higher than other convenience unfamiliar area. Although households will receive part of the economy because of the old house demolition compensation, but old house area is lesser, the resulting economic compensation is not enough to buy a set of ideal residence.

you might ask, above the target customers have in common? That I can certainly tell you that they have in common 'are computer users. If the computer equipment as' card game pad, the effect is much! And the cost of the card game pad rarely, as long as 5 - 6 yuan, if just 50000 yuan, 10000 is not enough cost half of television. And card game pad over a long period, durable, placed in the customer's hands for a long time, the effect is obvious.

'card game pad' * * * * is * * * * way to your promotion, you will also need to consider what? Immediately find a card game pad manufacturer to order card game pad! ! ! !
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