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Is there instruction manual for personalized baseball card binder ?
Yes, we ship card binder together with an instruction manual for customers. It is provided in Chinese, English, and other languages considering the delivery destinations. There will be ingredients, caution information, methods of maintenance, application range and company information included in the manual. Also, there will be vivid product photos provided as a reference. There will be a detailed installation procedure provided in the manual to help customers in operation. Also, the electronic version of the instruction manual can be also offered once customers have such demand.

Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd has been manufacturing 9 pocket card binder since the establishment and has been the preferred choice for many customers. Sengtor Plastics Products's card binder series include multiple types. The manufacture of HENWEI flip n tray deck box focuses on the basic principles of the following three areas: mechanical behavior, mechanical components'stable performance, and reliable operation. The sizes, shapes, and colors of the product can be customized. The product stands out for its reliability. It adopts high-performance components and insulation materials and is designed with a solid housing. The product has explosion-proof and not-easy-to-tear edges.

Henwei Board Game Packaging will continuously enrich its product range that are popular with consumers around the world. Call now!
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