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Is trading card protective sleeves manufactured by Sengtor Plastics Products exquisite?
As a result of many trials and long-term accumulations, Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd now masters exquisite craftsmanship for manufacturing trading card protective sleeves . Fine process management becomes more and more important in the industry. It is a company's housekeeping skills, representing the highest level of cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capabilities. We incorporate technical requirements and processing details to identify and standardize the entire manufacturing process, significantly improving product quality and corporate image.

Sengtor Plastics Products has outstanding performance in self-developing and producing playing card sleeves. We are identified and praised by the market in China. Sengtor Plastics Products's deck box series include multiple types. The product always operates stably due to high precision electric components. Its electric boards, conductor, and resistor are fabricated to withstand vibration and impact. Made of high-quality PP materials, it is not easy to deform under compression. The product not only gives people a sense of comfort and tranquility but also it creates a high-end and tidy atmosphere. Made of environmental-friendly materials, it is eco-friendly and does no harm to the environment.

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