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Keyboard industry new opportunities, miss regret could

by:HENWEI     2020-08-02
If the keyboard or the brand power as a kind of inheritance, it has been in the rain, with each party land from south to north. E-sports class photograph company of card game pad allows people mouth, declare the keyboard or the brand history and now, the immoral peripherals such a product experiences and feelings. So we have the power of the invisible, let the keyboard as a plug in the wings, flying high. In dongguan, we have witnessed such a brand penetration, believe that the user's love is the foundation of product development.
high-end keyboard supporting large-scale Internet cafe, become a beautiful landscape, high-end athletic rat level represented the higher-ups e-sports equipment, is specialized in domestic and foreign research and development of e-sports players, the team made a fine-grained e-sports series, configuration, and more professional and elegant details.
like GX1 - PRO is a classic, is I don't know how many players. The phantom CaiQi process, is a bold and luxurious materials, and even to this day the rare material in mass production of mouse is also very rare. Is not only a rare color, on the handle is more exquisite and delicate. Can bring an unprecedented experience to the players. Configuration by the speed of the card game pad manufacturer to elaborate version super waterproof card game pad, 400 - Resolution 4000, the cpi five gears. 20 million times anti-wear long life.
if having such a high-end configuration is the dream of a player and demanding, so when a cyber cafe is glaring backlight inside whole bring curve and the side key lights, gas is a kind of how spectacular and trenches.
Internet cafe a new field of keyboard in 2015 will be the industry's buzzword, meetings, both in the Internet cafe has a large arena keyboard or suit.

in the country, more and more big Internet cafe with keyboard and solitaire card game pad pad manufacturer factory maintained a long-term close cooperation.
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