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Regular card game pad production process

by:HENWEI     2020-07-30
A lot of people would like to know the card game pad production process, how to do card game pad is confused, they actually card game mat production tools and materials are very simple, only the craft that make different and different, but the high-grade mouse another matter oh, generally the mouse production material and glue are manufacturer's production process integrated by a selection, so the mouse selection is very important, such as card game pad material is glass and organic glass, its characteristic is high flatness, good permeability, different from ordinary flat glass, and high-end card game pad on the production process, also is a big difference between some even or commercial secrets, the production process is more complex.

is commonly on the select material of card game pad, glass card game pad photoelectric card game pad, senior special glass material is different from the general use of common on the market of flat glass, frosted glass, the glass is characterized by smoothness, higher purity, without impurities, good permeability, processed glass, will be carried out in accordance with the standard size cutting, after cutting into small pieces, mechanical cutting Angle, the four corners to make circular arc form, in the end is the printing process, a senior Vatican song, yoga mat card game pad printing process is not generally, they are after a certain time high temperature baking, so that the color of the paint is different, polishing and printing two process is relatively slow, finish the card game pad touched with the hand feel is very exquisite and comfortable, such a card game pad process is done, when using the mouse in the above mobile while friction have a nice voice.

card game pad knowledge:

first of all, the principle of optical mouse. Said the most simple understanding is a beam of light from inside the mouse, the card game pad, and then reflect back to the light eyes, this is positioning of the mouse. In using some cheap optical mouse, if the card game pad is' design and color, slow because of different color reflection is different, so will cause the mouse run free, and typically is the mouse moved to the bright color part, the mouse will happen. If the desktop is without pad card game pad 'smooth' also is not very good, I in school, there is no card game pad, playing CS, the mouse will occasionally appear in circles! Is transparent and the desktop is not good, so the photoelectric mouse light shot directly in the past, the mouse still happens sometimes. !

tell from the optical reflective * * * * is dark blue, black, red, but red card game pad rarely on the market, so most of the card game pad on market is black or blue. With photoelectric mouse, so the following card game pad is not pure white, design and color, such as the bright color ( The dazzling color such as yellow) ! And, of course, the better the mouse rarely appear this kind of circumstance. If no card game pad, the desktop is too smooth and transparent will affect the normal use of the mouse.

the following talk about the game of CARDS for the choose and buy of pad, on the market the most common is the dark blue cloth pad, in 5 - price 10 yuan, it is a good choice for the average user, if dirty or around the edge directly change the new line, that is economic and practical. Better if Rantopad C1, and Microsoft's big cloth pad, cost 20 to 50 yuan. But some young people like to buy some colorful cloth pad, some cloth pad also bring some cartoon design, choose and buy the cloth pad will be very easy to appear the jitter of the mouse, the phenomenon of running, of course, your mouse is Microsoft or logitech is another matter.
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