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What about design of collector card sleeves by Sengtor Plastics Products?
The design of card sleeves decides the look, function, and workings of this product. In Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd, the design process is a process of efficient and effective idea generation and development. It includes all the engineering and industrial design work that goes into developing a product from the initial concept to production, which ensures that it works reliably, is cost-effective to manufacture and looks good. It is a deciding factor in the success of this product. Many of our customers make purchasing decisions based primarily on its design because good product design ensures quality, appearance, performance, ease of use, and reliability.

For years, Sengtor Plastics Products has been instrumental in manufacturing card binder. We have earned a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing. Sengtor Plastics Products's deck box series include multiple types. HENWEI card holder binder is finely designed. Its design is finished by considering many factors such as frame construction, control system design, mechanism design, and operating temperatures. Made of high-quality PP materials, it is not easy to deform under compression. When people choose this product for the kitchen, they can be at ease knowing that its smooth surface won't grow bacteria or other microorganisms. The product is totally anti-fouling and is very easy to clean.

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