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What are Sengtor Plastics Products shipping modes?
Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd may ship by any means based on the time limitations and cost factors of your project. For global destinations sending, the price might vary. We've experienced partners all around the world which may assist you to get through the full delivery procedure. If necessary, we can arrange the transportation to you -- whether during our intermodal providers, other providers or a combo of both. It will be set by your preferences in addition to the access to transportation services at both ports.

Sengtor Plastics Products has been manufacturing board game playmat since the establishment and has been the preferred choice for many customers. Sengtor Plastics Products's card binder series include multiple types. HENWEI card binder passes many Lens and Optical testings which include luminous transmittance, UV transmittance, blue-light transmittance, and anti-reflection luminous reflectance. The product is guaranteed to be 100% acid-resistant. With flat and straight bottom and edge, the product is super easy to install. People can install it easily in the bathroom without the help of professionals. Made of environmental-friendly materials, it is eco-friendly and does no harm to the environment.

Sengtor Plastics Products has the spirit of 'commitment to build the first brand card sleeves'. Inquire now!
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