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What to do if it is incomplete tabletop battle mat delivery?
Once you find the quantity of tabletop battle mat not consistent with the number you want, the first you need to do is to notify us. Several reasons may lead to this problem. For example, due to the severe weather condition or unintentional mistakes made by people, the delivered cargo may be lost on the way. Please don't pick up the delivery first but contact us. Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd ensures that the number of products is counted one by one and every product is carefully packed to prevent the damage because of bumps along the way.

Sengtor Plastics Products is dedicated to independent R&D and manufacture of custom board game boxes. We are considered as a credible and experienced supplier. Sengtor Plastics Products's board game packaging series include multiple types. Different machining approaches are used in processing mechanical parts of HENWEI tabletop battle mat . These mechanical parts, including engine, motor, and hydraulic components, will go through thermal treatment, honing machining, or wire cutting based on their actual usages and structures. It is stackable, making it easy to carry around. The product provides people with hygiene and healthy bathroom environment where bacteria are hard to grow and spread. The product generates no odor at all.

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