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Will Sengtor Plastics Products become an OBM in future?
We believe we will become an OBM in the future. An OBM usually designs, manufactures, and sells products based on the creation of trademarks and brands, not on the noname products. Completing the tasks mentioned above requires a comprehensive and powerful production capacity, which is also a big challenge for most of the manufacturers now. With the development of markets and increased competition, the increasing number of companies including Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd wants to sell their own brands and products and to expose themselves to the global market.

Engaged in the manufacturing of deck box, Sengtor Plastics Products is a market recognized company with outstanding capabilities in this industry. Sengtor Plastics Products's deck box series include multiple types. The design considerations of HENWEI flip n tray deck box cover the following aspects: static and dynamic stiffness, operational speeds, gearboxes, manual, and automatic control. The product provides a smooth and comfortable touch feeling for users. The product can be cut into pretty much any shape, providing a fantastic solution for any space with difficult dimensions. The product is totally anti-fouling and is very easy to clean.

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