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You picked the right card game pad?

by:HENWEI     2020-08-01
As the subsidiary product card game pad, the mouse will you attach importance to it? How much will think of it? You might care to carry hundreds of dollars worth of Microsoft or logitech mouse rather than pick a suitable card game pad. You may not know, a little card game pad can lead to in the use of optical mouse, can't play out the limits of the mouse.

to understand the role of the card game pad, the first thing to speak of from the working principle of optical mouse, optical mouse, a beam of light from inside the mouse on the card game pad, and then reflect back to the light eyes, this is positioning of the mouse. If as your card game pad is' design and color, slow because of different color reflection is different, so will cause the mouse run free, and typically is the mouse moved to the bright color part, the mouse will happen. Some consumers believe that as long as the desktop is smooth floor without card game pad can do it, if you like to play CS, the mouse in the case of no mat occasionally appear in circles! That how to pick out the most suitable for optical mouse mouse, we first from the optical principle. Dark blue, black, red is reflective of the * * * * optical principle, on the market are mostly black or blue, and red. And on the market the most common black and dark blue cloth pad, in 5 - price 10 yuan, it is a good choice for the average user, if dirty or around the edge directly change the new line, that is economic and practical. The material card game pad ( Is usually a glass, aluminum) , the price is around 130 - Around 150, the price is expensive, but also need to see if your mouse is allergic to the material, because some of the mouse have a pick on card game pad, low optical mouse in aluminum mat needle jumping phenomenon is common. In addition, there has been a small defect in glass and aluminium, one is the weather cold hand on it a bit cold. , another is thugs sweaty glass above the sweat can lead to the mouse, seldom appears the phenomenon of aluminum. CS and warcraft player is the most commonly used plastic composite card game pad, the advantage is generally divided into double, thickness of two sides, to provide users with more choices. But plastic composite card game pad also has its shortcomings, it is so worn, if every day to play a year almost smooth. How to choose suitable material card game pad, depends on your own personal hobby, a game of CARDS rubber pad manufacturer remind everybody: if bought high-grade mouse, for fillet with the mouse, the mouse in order to protect the shoes or not frayed at the bottom of the mouse, the average user can buy 10 yuan. If not stickers Angle, use for a period of time the mouse at the bottom of the legs will be smooth, dozen of mouse movement will be very acerbity, it is a great damage to the mouse.
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